Friday, 30 August 2013

Ozymandias, before the subcommittee - a poem

This poem is about a notorious incident during Rupert Murdoch's televized appearance before one of the parliamentary sub-committees investigating the media hacking scandal. Debt to P.B.Shelley duly acknowledged.

Ozymandias, before the subcommittee

30 August 2013

Now by vague truncated inquests snared,
behold his shattered visage as he lies, and sings
to Whittingdale about the smoking gun.
Look on his wiles, ye munters, and don't care
for he is Aussie management, king of things
the Sky God who created all, and bought the current bun.
Round the decay of that colossal turd
stalks the monument’s younger Chinese wife
pursuing the clown with the custard pie.
So much bathos in a little crust of curd;
those wrinkled lips, which sneered at private life:
the smearer smeared, the swineherd slipping in the sty.

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