Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Amoeba Dick Dramatis Personae - Cast in Order of Appearance

Amoeba Dick.

Cast in order of Appearance.[1]

Titus                                        The narrator
Pex ‘n’ Quads                         A gymnasium on the Hotwells Road, Bristol
Charybdis                               Pex ‘n’ Quads hot tub. Repository of the colony of A.hydrophila  
                                                  responsible for Herod’s gangrene.
Peggy & Billy                        Fat receptionists, aka the Cerberidae
Strapon                                   Titus’s accountant
John Virgil                              Manager, Marketing & Placemaking. Guides Titus through the 
                                                underworld of Pex ‘n’ Quads
Costa                                       Manager, Compliance. Relativist and homeopathy enthusiast.
Nero Cesare                            Manager, Diversity. Advocates a natural, organic lifestyle.
Petra Mountjoy                       Manager, Diversity-Compliance. Embittered post-feminist.
Mr Luvvertory                        Witless hippy ketamine dealer. Costa’s assistant.
Fergus the Fiddler                   A sex offender, hired as Nero Cesare’s assistant.
Colloid                                    A psychopath, hired as Petra Mountjoy’s assistant. Local franchisee of 
                                                Multinational Services (Local Franchises) Bristol Ltd.
Guy Pigge                               A metrosexual personal trainer. The 1st guinea pig. Herod’s quondam 
Aeromonas Annie                   The prophetess concerning Herod’s gangrene
Herod                                      Manager, operations. Victim of Fournier’s gangrene
Aging Hippus                         The yoga god
White Willy                            An enormous albino dildo, strapped onto Herod’s person.
Ertha Mather-Steiner              Voluptueuse. The 2nd guinea pig. Wife of Rodolfo
Rodolfo Mather-Steiner          Quaker/anthroposophist. Also a guinea pig.
Caiban                                     An instance of the Alph the Unsacred type. The 3rd guinea pig.
Onanisticles                            A scagsmith, in thrall to Ianeass the Gimp
Ianeass the Gimp                    Some kind of wizard, vapourizing in the cricket shed
Pheidippides                           Elderly hermaphrodite, training for a marathon

[1] Note that the list is by no means exhaustive, and will be added to as the novel evolves.

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