Tuesday, 19 May 2015

I've started writing Odour Issues

Since finishing Pretty Poli a couple of months ago, I've taken the anticipated break from writing in order to apply some Enlightenment landscaping values to the pestilential swamp masquerading as my garden.

However, at the same time, although I haven't been writing, I have been reading - most of Alexander Pope's translation of the Odyssey and about two thirds of Ulysses; as well as a couple of chapters of Leavis's Great Tradition, which persuades me that at some stage I'm going to have to stomach my distaste [sic?] and have another attempt at Henry James.

This week, I'm pleased to announce, I finally started writing the third novel, Odour Issues, in what is developing into a Bristol Tetralogy. I've written about 1500 words so far, and aim to be concentrating on OI for the rest of this week, before spending next week on the patio-laying stage of the afore-mentioned swamp reclamation project.

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