Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Uploads to the Create50 platform.

I've lately uploaded a couple of short stories to this platform, whence hopefully they will be selected for inclusion in a volume of 50 "twisted" short stories, to be published in paperback and online http://twisted-vol1.create50.com/league_tables/most-popular.

"Lolitasaurus" consists in the musings of a psychopath released from secure hospital as a result of administrative error. Housed in a sort of rehabilitation hostel, he finds himself driven beyond endurance by his fellow inmates, with very sick results. http://twisted-vol1.create50.com/stories/55ccab1938383302840001da?age=verified

In "Disaster of the Will", a fugitive hunkering down in a caravan on a windswept coastal campsite wakes up one morning to discover that the place has been taken over by nudists. Over the following days, he gets horrendously drunk and stoned, and is afforded a grandstand view of the nudists' descent into internecine conflict with distinctly anti-semitic overtones. http://twisted-vol1.create50.com/scripts/55d6dc893838333b9a00004a?age=verified

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