Thursday, 3 September 2015

Knee Arthroscopy

On Tuesday, I finally underwent the knee arthroscopy and medial menisectomy which I've been awaiting for a few months. The operation itself was decidedly untraumatic, thanks to the pharmaceutical heroin. The only slightly unpleasant feature of the episode was waking up to find a tube stuck down my throat. However, the nurse whipped it out pretty quickly, and I was wheeled back to the cubicle where my son Joe had been waiting for me, and after about 15 minutes with a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits I felt good to go, and was discharged pretty promptly. The very next day, which was yesterday, I walked the mile to the gym and lifted a ton of weights, then back home, picked up my laptop, and walked again the two miles to the library where I do most of my writing. This morning, I went to the gym again, and put in 30k over 90 minutes on the exercise bike, before putting in another day's writing at the library. I already walk almost without a limp, and my knee is no more than slightly tired. On this basis, minor knee surgery is something I warmly recommend.

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