Monday, 13 June 2016

My first ever Petrarchan sonnet

I make no claims for profundity on behalf of my latest creation, which chronicles an unpleasant episode in my life, lasting for roughly eighteen months until roughly eighteen months ago. Suffice to say, it meets the criteria defining a Petrarchan sonnet, these being:-
(1) an abba abba cdc/e cdc/e rhyme scheme (although I'm given to understand there have been some variants on this pattern).
(2) an octet (the abba abba portion) followed by a sestet (the cdc/e cdc/e portion).
(3) a volta or turn in line 9, introducing a change in mood and presaging the ultimate resolution.

Sonnet 1

When junkies moved into the house next door
I feared that I would never sleep again.
My mind’s eye pictured taking up a Sten,
and in this way enforcing frontier law.
They partied twice a week and often more,
dealt smack in ten quid bags to chavs, who then
would congregate in groups of eight or ten
and leave my front path full of sharps and gore.
Until one day I filmed a female guest
as from a window she relieved herself.
Then to YouTube I sent the video.
Betimes pornography is for the best:
I’ve since regained most of my mental health,
and care not where their landlord made them go.

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