Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Pretty Poli update

Pretty Poli is presently 36,500 words long, and feels 25-30% complete. I am spending a few days in the Middle East next week, and would like to have chalked up 40,000 by the time I go, as I anticipate not writing very much while I'm away. At the moment, it feels very much as though I can complete PP by the end of next Summer.

As regards publication of Amoeba Dick, the novel I completed in March, I really haven't done much about this. I suppose I should just publish the damn thing electronically. I guess the same goes for my PhD thesis, that there ground-breaking theory of modality. Not to mention my poetry.

I'm also considering going back to university yet again, in order to do something like an MA in History. This would give me a platform for one of my projects, which is to write a sort of scholarly history of 18th century pornography and its practitioners - Edmund Curll & co.

But this probably won't happen for a year or two, as I want to complete my next project first - my scatological Ulysses parody Odour Issues.

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