Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Sonnet 24 accepted by Zoetic Press

I'm pleased to announce that Lise Quintana and her colleagues at Zoetic Press, the publishers of the Non-Binary Review, have accepted Sonnet 24 for publication as a feature in their forthcoming Alphanumeric, focussing on the life & works of Antoine de Saint Exupéry. I'm given to understand that links to Sonnet 24 will be forthcoming. Here, meanwhile, is a link to Zoetic's main website.

The state of play with regard to my sonnet cycle is that to date the following have been published, or have publication pending:-

Sonnet 74         Commended entry Sentinel Literary Quarterly Competition March 2017
Sonnet 142       2nd Prize SLQ Competition August 2017
Sonnet 141       Published in French Literary Review August 2017
Sonnet 24         Publication pending, Zoetic Press/Non-Binary Review/Alphanumeric

It is quite clear to me that four publications, gratifying as they have been and continue to be, are not as yet enough to justify publishing the entire 155 sonnet cycle as a collection. For this happen requires, I would think, at least another half-dozen individual publications. Accordingly, I'll carry on submitting sonnets to journals. I'm presently also getting stuck into the plotting of Helix Folt the conservative, which will turn my Bristolian trilogy - Amoeba Dick, Pretty Poli, and Odour Issues, into a tetralogy,

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