Sunday, 22 April 2018

Soft Cartel to Publish My Short Story

I'm pleased to announce that Soft Cartel have agreed to publish my short story "Contracts for the Design of Certain Vulgar Necessities" in their June issue.

Short fiction is a side of my work which I have slightly neglected over the last couple of years. In all, I have written 12-14 short stories, varying in length from 2,000-7,000 words. CftDoCVN will be only the fourth of these to have been published, after Curse of the Traffic Penis (Undertow) 25 years ago, and Lolitasaurus (Twisted Vol.1) and Disaster of the Will (Fictional Cafe) in the last couple of years.

It strikes me that my short fiction vs. long fiction prose styles are very different from eachother. When writing short fiction, I write in a very compressed and modernist style of the sort that you might expect to find in genre writing - e.g. science fiction. My long fiction tends to be much more florid and expansive, and reflective of my tastes as a reader, which lean very heavily towards the classics of the literary canon.

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